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A1 Internet Alarm Hub

A1 Internet Alarm Hub

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Internet Alarm Hub

A Wi-Fi security hub that works with EZVIZ alarm devices and Wi-Fi cameras to protect your home, controllable via the EZVIZ app. 100% wireless solution that takes just minutes to set up.



Voice Prompts

Beyond guiding you through the set-up, the A1 also sends voice alerts during emergencies.

Versatile Mode Selection

Tell the A1 whether you’re home, out, or sleeping by selecting the corresponding mode on the K2 or via the EZVIZ app.


Integrated Solution

The A1 works with EZVIZ’s alarm devices and Wi-Fi cameras, giving you a more integrated home security system.

Supports up to 32 detectors for endless possibilities.

Control via EZVIZ App

With the EZVIZ App, you can remotely control the A1 and all devices connected to it even when you are away from home.



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